Over the past couple of years, certain Broadway plays have managed to leave a considerable impact that further promotes the producers to play it all over again. As people get to see these plays, they begin to analyse them and go ahead to establish to describe the same with a particular form of a cult following. One such play in recent times has to be Hamilton. In the past, the Broadway blockbuster has opened in London on 6 December 2017 at the Victoria Palace Theatre, and people were surprised at what they had seen. So as a move to look back and understand the musical, here’s a brief take on the same.

1. The Life Story of Alexander Hamilton

The biggest highlight of the show or the main story that it narrates is of Alexander Hamilton. As a Founding Father of the United States, Alexander’s life was well captured and described in the form of rap music. The lyrics that follow, details scenarios involving politics, reality and a bunch of other aspects that revolved around Alexander. But that is not the only thing that will grab your attention. The dramatic highs and lows, blackmail, death in a duel at the hands of the US vice-president are all significant occurrences that changed the course of the play.

 Alexander Hamilton

2. Capturing the Essence

One of the main reasons why this play is considered to be a blockbuster was because of the effortless form of storytelling that it followed. Although Alexander’s life was vast and filled with various occurrences, the play was able to incorporate everything and let people be aware of the individual responsible for starting their country. Due to all that, one can rightfully say that the play succeeded in capturing the essence and bringing a unique form of production to the lovers of art and theatre.

3. A Musical

When you think about performing a story about Alexander Hamilton, at first the kind of production that you imagine might be far away from being a musical, this is another aspect that classifies this play to be a visual extravagance. Apart from talking about an essential character in US history, it did so by incorporating the elements of a Broadway musical through rap music. As a result, the kind of skill and talent that needs to go under the production of this nature is unimaginable. So we all need to appreciate Lin-Manuel Miranda as he did a remarkable job that will never be forgotten.

4. Vivid Characters

Vivid Characters

Another unique aspect of putting forward a play of this calibre is to analyse the characters and ensure that they are convincing. Whether you’re the main lead or a side-kick, things need to be carried in a manner that informs the audience about your personality and the era that you’re from. So when it comes to character transformation, Hamilton once again scores a ten on ten. The artists who worked under this play have put forward a performance that will take you back in time to analyse the Founding Fathers life.

5. Tour Schedule

Hamilton has been performed in theatres across the world. Currently, you can find tour performances throughout cities in the United States and Canada. Hamilton tickets for some of the most popular cities are available at CheapoTicketing.com:

Broadway has always placed itself as a particular art form that is capable of change and innovation. The different musicals that they bring out stand to be a testament to that statement, all while managing to uplift the name of Broadway. If one has to pick a particular musical for the same, then Dear Evan Hansen will be the apt choice. Apart from taking the audience into a laugh riot, the musical was also able to make things click with a Tony Award for Best Musical in 2017. Considering the kind of excitement that still prevails around this play, we decided to summarise the entire thing and give you a brief take on the same.

1. Decoding Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a young man who suffers from social anxiety disorders. As a result, Evan is not capable of making any form of connection with people, so he tries his best when he stumbles upon an opportunity. Evan fabricates a relationship with a deceased student in order to become close to the boy’s family. As a result, he goes about pretending to be close friends and even invents an email account to prove the extent of their friendship.

Decoding Evan Hansen

Through time, Evan enters into the lie that he created and goes beyond his way to make matters heard. As a result, his relationship with his mother wanes in comparison and does not come anywhere close to the new family. But Evan seems to enjoy everything as he also starts dating the girl of his dreams and thus loses the tag of being invisible. When a fake suicide note enters the picture, Evan finds himself as the unintended face of a viral video about friendship and loneliness.

2. The Decision

Towards the end, the ultimate decision seems to be the one where Evan has to choose between this newly formed lie or the old life that he always lived. Things get serious, and the play begins to take shape and form into something extraordinary. The choice that the decision puts forward takes hold of Evan and audiences are taken into an innovative form of storytelling. With genres spanning from drama to dark comedy, people were thrilled to witness a musical that was effortless in its approach. Due to all this, the play went on to become an instant hit, and people wanted to watch it all over again.

3. The Lead Characters



The play had around three lead characters with Evan taking centre stage, followed by Larry Murphy and Zoe Murphy. Their inclusion in the story further highlights the life of Evan and how different he was before creating the lie. The entire setting and features seem to be appropriate as audiences are given a brief idea about the direction in which they are heading. Thanks to the writing, things got a lot more interesting as the play captures your imagination. Hence, that sums up our brief take on the great Dear Evan Hansen (Musical).


Aladdin has seen numerous versions ranging from movies, animated series, to musicals. The hit fictional character has always managed to bring people together as his tale has all the ingredients needed to keep you entertained. In that manner, today we are going to be exploring the musical or Broadway version of Aladdin which was filled with numerous elements. The play created a good amount of buzz, and people were excited to witness things unfold on stage. So without further ado, let’s go right into the main topic of discussion.

1. A Spectacle

Unlike movies, Broadway has certain limitations. So when people come on board to witness a play that has other versions, things tend to head in a peculiar direction. But for this musical production, nothing of that sort happened. People were thrilled to witness a unique form of presentation that was able to capture the true beauty of Aladdin. The theatrical event went ahead to prove the extent and ability of theatre as it stood up to productions that brought things forward on a large scale. Due to all that, everyone was ready to classify the same as a spectacle that will be worth remembering.

2. The Costume Department

A noticeable feature of Aladdin is the costumes as things are set up according to a different period. Due to that, one needs to put in the right amount of efforts if they need to display the depth of each character. Luckily, the Broadway musical had the right individuals in their crew who were able to raise the expectations of the audiences. Be it the decorations or the special effects, everything seemed to click, and people couldn’t take their eyes away from the stage. Every single character was given all that they needed to fly high and create magic.

3. Humour


Humour is another ingredient of Aladdin that keeps people entertained and engaged until the very end. The adventurous tale has always brought in the right dose of humour by helping people understand the role and purpose of the Genie. When you compare the same for the musical, things tend to head in a proper direction as laughter was present throughout the production. The engaging and adventurous experience that it brought forward will especially be remembered in the minds of children as most of them couldn’t stop giggling when the great Genie arrived.

4. Disney’s Mark of Excellence

When it comes to fiction and the aspect of creating a visual spectacle, Disney has never gone wrong as their creative minds are well in place to make matters work. With Aladdin – The Musical, factors seemed to be the same, as their mark of excellence was all around the area. By developing the beloved character to detailing his journey, every single aspect was monitored with perfection. As a result, the outcome moved ahead to be a great piece of entertainment that everyone wanted to watch again. This unforgettable feeling was spread throughout the theatre, and people of all age groups were busy applauding the efforts of the artists.

Potterheads from around the world were taken by surprise when they heard about the fact that Harry Potter is alive. But the visual phenomenon was not part of the big screen; instead, it was brought into the world of Broadway. As author J.K Rowling teamed up with director John Tiffany and playwright Jack Thorne, things became clear as fans were ready to enter the realms of Broadway. All their expectations were kept on hold as they waited for the production to begin. So as a move to look back at the good old days, we are going ahead to help you experience the same feeling as a fan by analysing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

1. Dark and Dazzling

As the play opened to break ticket sale records, people were waiting in line to witness their favourite character come to life. When the play began, things slowly started to catch as things went into the usual style of a classic Harry Potter movie. The different plot twists and turns were well on schedule to create the magic that other productions wished to match. Picking up from right from the final book on the series, the play was a small representation that kept fans alive. Towards the end, everyone noted that it was dark and dazzling like always.

2. Harry’s Life

By taking orders from the Ministry of Magic (Hermione), Harry is living under his own shadow. He is not able to connect with his son, as things tend to head in the wrong direction. As the production moved ahead, people were quick to remember the young versions of Ron and Hermione, especially the scene where Ron tells her “You are a girl”, to which she replies, “Ohh, well spotted.” These images started circling around the minds of people as they got to witness a new taste of Harry and the rest of the characters.

3. Performances

The entire setting was able to capture the mood, and the production gave fans a run for their money. All the actors came out with performances that were able to satisfy fans and keep them on the edge of their seats. The depth through which their portrayal transforms is mindblowing and well equipped to help you feel a number of emotions. As a result, their performances got more than a round of applause, as everyone began to think about the intense form of training that they went through in order to pull off well established characters.


4. Theatrical Wizards

Although fans want the entire set up to be made into a movie, it was not because the production was disappointing. It was mainly down due to emotions that promote people to think about the end and the possible fact that they may never get to see these characters again. But thanks to the play, they did have something to smile about as they were issued with buttons that inscribed #KeeptheSecrets when they left the show.

The inclusion of humour is a significant move that either makes or breaks an entire play. If the writers are well equipped to deliver lines that make people think and laugh, then things will head in the right direction. If not, then the entire production will fall short, and the outcome would involve the factors that were least expected. Throughout history, we have numerous examples of Broadway productions that were funny and not so funny. So today, we decided to look into the former by talking about “The Play That Goes Wrong”. Hence, go ahead and learn more about the same.

1. A Different Set

Unlike Broadway’s usual line of performances, The Play That Goes Wrong takes a different turn into the matter. Writers Henry Lewis, Henry Shields and Jonathan Sayer have brought in their A-game to the matter. Right from the moment the audience is exposed to the backstage till the very last scene, people laughed and cheered for lines that tickled their funny bone. By creating a unique form of difference, the creators were able to achieve something extraordinary that is well remembered to this day.

2. Comic Ability

The Play

Another great feature of this particular play was the ability to display things in a funny manner. The different kinds of characters that it brought on stage were able to push a thing or two towards the story and make people laugh. This effortless form of portrayal can be considered to be a significant highlight apart from the great story. Towards the end, people were clear about the play and wanted to watch it again for the second time. Hence, all applauses go towards the comic ability of the performers.

3. Chaos

The direction in which the play proceeds is another element that everyone keeps talking about. Thanks to the setting, a uniformed form of chaos becomes a part of the story as characters are confused. The unconscious leading lady, actors who trip over anything and everything and a corpse that can’t play dead are a part of the entire process that manages to captivate the experience of watching The Play That Goes Wrong. As all these elements begin to unfold, your mind will also start to create an alternate ending based on all that you have seen. But the end will blow your mind because things happen when you least expect it.

4. Critics

Revives provided by critics is a major factor that people take into consideration before watching a play. In that manner, The Play That Goes Wrong was able to receive a good scorecard as it was noted for being funny and helping everyone leave the show with a smile on their face. While “Variety” classified it to be “Comic Gold”, Cindy Adams, New York Post described it as “Nothing Is As Fall-Down Funny!”. So when you sum these points, you are left with the right clue about a play that kept the ticket counters busy and provided the audience with an experience of a lifetime.