Over the past couple of years, certain Broadway plays have managed to leave a considerable impact that further promotes the producers to play it all over again. As people get to see these plays, they begin to analyse them and go ahead to establish to describe the same with a particular form of a cult following. One such play in recent times has to be Hamilton. In the past, the Broadway blockbuster has opened in London on 6 December 2017 at the Victoria Palace Theatre, and people were surprised at what they had seen. So as a move to look back and understand the musical, here’s a brief take on the same.

1. The Life Story of Alexander Hamilton

The biggest highlight of the show or the main story that it narrates is of Alexander Hamilton. As a Founding Father of the United States, Alexander’s life was well captured and described in the form of rap music. The lyrics that follow, details scenarios involving politics, reality and a bunch of other aspects that revolved around Alexander. But that is not the only thing that will grab your attention. The dramatic highs and lows, blackmail, death in a duel at the hands of the US vice-president are all significant occurrences that changed the course of the play.

 Alexander Hamilton

2. Capturing the Essence

One of the main reasons why this play is considered to be a blockbuster was because of the effortless form of storytelling that it followed. Although Alexander’s life was vast and filled with various occurrences, the play was able to incorporate everything and let people be aware of the individual responsible for starting their country. Due to all that, one can rightfully say that the play succeeded in capturing the essence and bringing a unique form of production to the lovers of art and theatre.

3. A Musical

When you think about performing a story about Alexander Hamilton, at first the kind of production that you imagine might be far away from being a musical, this is another aspect that classifies this play to be a visual extravagance. Apart from talking about an essential character in US history, it did so by incorporating the elements of a Broadway musical through rap music. As a result, the kind of skill and talent that needs to go under the production of this nature is unimaginable. So we all need to appreciate Lin-Manuel Miranda as he did a remarkable job that will never be forgotten.

4. Vivid Characters

Vivid Characters

Another unique aspect of putting forward a play of this calibre is to analyse the characters and ensure that they are convincing. Whether you’re the main lead or a side-kick, things need to be carried in a manner that informs the audience about your personality and the era that you’re from. So when it comes to character transformation, Hamilton once again scores a ten on ten. The artists who worked under this play have put forward a performance that will take you back in time to analyse the Founding Fathers life.

5. Tour Schedule

Hamilton has been performed in theatres across the world. Currently, you can find tour performances throughout cities in the United States and Canada. Hamilton tickets for some of the most popular cities are available at CheapoTicketing.com:

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