Potterheads from around the world were taken by surprise when they heard about the fact that Harry Potter is alive. But the visual phenomenon was not part of the big screen; instead, it was brought into the world of Broadway. As author J.K Rowling teamed up with director John Tiffany and playwright Jack Thorne, things became clear as fans were ready to enter the realms of Broadway. All their expectations were kept on hold as they waited for the production to begin. So as a move to look back at the good old days, we are going ahead to help you experience the same feeling as a fan by analysing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

1. Dark and Dazzling

As the play opened to break ticket sale records, people were waiting in line to witness their favourite character come to life. When the play began, things slowly started to catch as things went into the usual style of a classic Harry Potter movie. The different plot twists and turns were well on schedule to create the magic that other productions wished to match. Picking up from right from the final book on the series, the play was a small representation that kept fans alive. Towards the end, everyone noted that it was dark and dazzling like always.

2. Harry’s Life

By taking orders from the Ministry of Magic (Hermione), Harry is living under his own shadow. He is not able to connect with his son, as things tend to head in the wrong direction. As the production moved ahead, people were quick to remember the young versions of Ron and Hermione, especially the scene where Ron tells her “You are a girl”, to which she replies, “Ohh, well spotted.” These images started circling around the minds of people as they got to witness a new taste of Harry and the rest of the characters.

3. Performances

The entire setting was able to capture the mood, and the production gave fans a run for their money. All the actors came out with performances that were able to satisfy fans and keep them on the edge of their seats. The depth through which their portrayal transforms is mindblowing and well equipped to help you feel a number of emotions. As a result, their performances got more than a round of applause, as everyone began to think about the intense form of training that they went through in order to pull off well established characters.


4. Theatrical Wizards

Although fans want the entire set up to be made into a movie, it was not because the production was disappointing. It was mainly down due to emotions that promote people to think about the end and the possible fact that they may never get to see these characters again. But thanks to the play, they did have something to smile about as they were issued with buttons that inscribed #KeeptheSecrets when they left the show.

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