Broadway has always placed itself as a particular art form that is capable of change and innovation. The different musicals that they bring out stand to be a testament to that statement, all while managing to uplift the name of Broadway. If one has to pick a particular musical for the same, then Dear Evan Hansen will be the apt choice. Apart from taking the audience into a laugh riot, the musical was also able to make things click with a Tony Award for Best Musical in 2017. Considering the kind of excitement that still prevails around this play, we decided to summarise the entire thing and give you a brief take on the same.

1. Decoding Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a young man who suffers from social anxiety disorders. As a result, Evan is not capable of making any form of connection with people, so he tries his best when he stumbles upon an opportunity. Evan fabricates a relationship with a deceased student in order to become close to the boy’s family. As a result, he goes about pretending to be close friends and even invents an email account to prove the extent of their friendship.

Decoding Evan Hansen

Through time, Evan enters into the lie that he created and goes beyond his way to make matters heard. As a result, his relationship with his mother wanes in comparison and does not come anywhere close to the new family. But Evan seems to enjoy everything as he also starts dating the girl of his dreams and thus loses the tag of being invisible. When a fake suicide note enters the picture, Evan finds himself as the unintended face of a viral video about friendship and loneliness.

2. The Decision

Towards the end, the ultimate decision seems to be the one where Evan has to choose between this newly formed lie or the old life that he always lived. Things get serious, and the play begins to take shape and form into something extraordinary. The choice that the decision puts forward takes hold of Evan and audiences are taken into an innovative form of storytelling. With genres spanning from drama to dark comedy, people were thrilled to witness a musical that was effortless in its approach. Due to all this, the play went on to become an instant hit, and people wanted to watch it all over again.

3. The Lead Characters


The play had around three lead characters with Evan taking centre stage, followed by Larry Murphy and Zoe Murphy. Their inclusion in the story further highlights the life of Evan and how different he was before creating the lie. The entire setting and features seem to be appropriate as audiences are given a brief idea about the direction in which they are heading. Thanks to the writing, things got a lot more interesting as the play captures your imagination. Hence, that sums up our brief take on the great Dear Evan Hansen (Musical).