Aladdin has seen numerous versions ranging from movies, animated series, to musicals. The hit fictional character has always managed to bring people together as his tale has all the ingredients needed to keep you entertained. In that manner, today we are going to be exploring the musical or Broadway version of Aladdin which was filled with numerous elements. The play created a good amount of buzz, and people were excited to witness things unfold on stage. So without further ado, let’s go right into the main topic of discussion.

1. A Spectacle

Unlike movies, Broadway has certain limitations. So when people come on board to witness a play that has other versions, things tend to head in a peculiar direction. But for this musical production, nothing of that sort happened. People were thrilled to witness a unique form of presentation that was able to capture the true beauty of Aladdin. The theatrical event went ahead to prove the extent and ability of theatre as it stood up to productions that brought things forward on a large scale. Due to all that, everyone was ready to classify the same as a spectacle that will be worth remembering.

2. The Costume Department

A noticeable feature of Aladdin is the costumes as things are set up according to a different period. Due to that, one needs to put in the right amount of efforts if they need to display the depth of each character. Luckily, the Broadway musical had the right individuals in their crew who were able to raise the expectations of the audiences. Be it the decorations or the special effects, everything seemed to click, and people couldn’t take their eyes away from the stage. Every single character was given all that they needed to fly high and create magic.

3. Humour


Humour is another ingredient of Aladdin that keeps people entertained and engaged until the very end. The adventurous tale has always brought in the right dose of humour by helping people understand the role and purpose of the Genie. When you compare the same for the musical, things tend to head in a proper direction as laughter was present throughout the production. The engaging and adventurous experience that it brought forward will especially be remembered in the minds of children as most of them couldn’t stop giggling when the great Genie arrived.

4. Disney’s Mark of Excellence

When it comes to fiction and the aspect of creating a visual spectacle, Disney has never gone wrong as their creative minds are well in place to make matters work. With Aladdin – The Musical, factors seemed to be the same, as their mark of excellence was all around the area. By developing the beloved character to detailing his journey, every single aspect was monitored with perfection. As a result, the outcome moved ahead to be a great piece of entertainment that everyone wanted to watch again. This unforgettable feeling was spread throughout the theatre, and people of all age groups were busy applauding the efforts of the artists.