Entries by Mark F. Morrison

Understanding Hamilton, the Musical

Over the past couple of years, certain Broadway plays have managed to leave a considerable impact that further promotes the producers to play it all over again. As people get to see these plays, they begin to analyse them and go ahead to establish to describe the same with a particular form of a cult […]

Summarising Dear Evan Hansen (Musical)

Broadway has always placed itself as a particular art form that is capable of change and innovation. The different musicals that they bring out stand to be a testament to that statement, all while managing to uplift the name of Broadway. If one has to pick a particular musical for the same, then Dear Evan […]

Exploring Aladdin – The Musical

Aladdin has seen numerous versions ranging from movies, animated series, to musicals. The hit fictional character has always managed to bring people together as his tale has all the ingredients needed to keep you entertained. In that manner, today we are going to be exploring the musical or Broadway version of Aladdin which was filled […]

Examining The Play That Goes Wrong

The inclusion of humour is a significant move that either makes or breaks an entire play. If the writers are well equipped to deliver lines that make people think and laugh, then things will head in the right direction. If not, then the entire production will fall short, and the outcome would involve the factors […]